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Academic Journal Date
1 Choi, Hyung-Woo, Kim, Tae-Hwa, Park, Hong-Shik Adaptive Routing Tree Construction for Achieving Optimal Throughput in WIMAX Mesh Networks ICACT2014 2014-02-16
2 Kim, Tae-Hwa, Choi, Hyung-Woo, Park, Hong-Shik Centrality-Based Network Coding Node Selection Mechanism for Improving Network Throughput ICACT 2014 2014-02-16
3 Han, Young-Tae, Jung, Bokrae, Park, Hong-Shik Traffic analysis of the live P2P personal broadcasting service in the campus network Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), 2013 Fifth International Conference on 2013-07-03
4 Ko, Nam-Seok, Heo, Hwanjo, Moon, Sung-Jin, Noh, Sung-Kee, Park, Jong-Dae, Park, Hong-Shik Design of a Multipurpose Whitebox Networking Platform 2012 International Conference on Communication and Computer 2012-12-29
5 서용준, 한영태, 박홍식 An Experimental Evaluation: Impacts of Dynamic Network Environments on End-to-End Available Bandwidth Estimation Tools CAMAN 2012 2012-03-13
6 한영태, 고남석, 김민곤, 박홍식 Vulnerability of Small Networks for the TTL Expiry DDoS Attack COMCOMAP2012 2012-01-11
7 김민곤, 정홍규, 박홍식 Adaptive Hybrid Data Aggregation Policy for Asynchronous MAC-based Clustered Sensor Networks COMCOMAP2012 2012-01-11
8 안재원, 박홍식 Estimating Flash Crowds based on Modeling Study in a P2P Live Streaming Service TriSAI2011 2011-08-25
9 김민곤, 한영태, 박홍식, 이상철, 정홍규 Asynchronous MAC Protocol-based Efficient Power Management Considering the Remaining Energy of Wireless Mote ICONI2010 2010-12-16
10 류미선, 박홍식 Accurate Reliability Analysis for Access Networks COIN2009 2009-11-14
11 박지용, 류미선, 박홍식, 정의석, 설동민 An Integrated Security Mechanism for Network Coding Combining Confidentiality and Integrity ICACT2009 2009-02-15
12 한영태, 이은미, 박홍식, 류지연, 김진철, 송명원 Test and Performance Comparison of End-to-End Available Bandwidth Measurement Tools ICACT2009 2009-02-15
13 최형우, 김영민, 박홍식, 황현용, 이범철 Quality-of-Service Scheduler for Next Generation Network Services ICACT2009 2009-02-15
14 배재형, 박홍식, 진영민, 박한춘 An Identification of Correlation between Network QoS and Video Quality Index for IPTV ICACT2009 2009-02-15
15 한영태, 박홍식 Service Differentiation based on Packet Size and Flow Length in Best-effort Networks ICOIN2009 2009-01-21
16 한영태, Weiqiang Sun, 박홍식 Service Differentiation based on Packet Size and Flow Length in Best-effort Networks ICOIN2009 2009-01-21
17 한영태, 박홍식 UDP based P2P Game Traffic Classification with Transport Layer Behaviors APCC2008 2008-10-14
18 이은미, 한영태, 박홍식 Rendezvous Point Relocation for IPTV Services with PIM-SM APCC2008 2008-10-14
19 이성영, 한영태. 박홍식 Priority Scheduling in Optical Burst Switching Networks COIN2008 2008-10-14
20 김태화, 박홍식 Inference for End-to-End Delay Performance through Passive Measurements TriSAI2008 2008-10-06
21 류미선, 김영민, 박홍식 Systematic QoS Class Mapping Framework for Application Requirement over Heterogeneous Networks Networks2008 2008-09-28
22 Young-Tae Han, Hong-Shik Park Distinctive Traffic Characteristics of Game and P2P Applications ICACT2008 2008-02-17
23 Eun-Jung Lee, Young-Tae Han, Hong-Shik Park and Yong-Suk Lee A Novel Bandwidth Estimation Model for e-Government Communication Network ICACT2008 2008-02-17
24 Hyung-Woo Choi, Young-Min Kim, and Hong-Shik Park Dynamic Path-based End-to-End Delay Management Scheme in Multi-domain Networks QoS-IP 2008 2008-02-13
25 Intark Han, Hong-Shik Park, Woung-Woo Choi, and Kwang-Ro Park Four-way Video Conferenc e and its Session Control Based on Distributed Mini-MCU in Home Server ICCE 08 2008-01-11
26 SeoungYoung Lee, In-Yong Hwang, YongSuk Lee, Hong-Shik Park A study on Offset Time Based Burst Generation Scheme for Optical Burst Switching Networks ICSNC2007 2007-08-25
27 Young-Tae Han, Hong-Shik Park A Novel Application Identification Method for NGN ITC-CSCC 2007 2007-07-08
28 YoungMin Kim, MiSun Ryu and HongShik Park,JeongJu Yoo Novel Redundancy Design Methodology for an Optimal PON Protection Architecture OFC 2007 2007-03-25
29 Dae-Hee Kang, Nam-Seok Ko, Honk-Shik Park, Jin-Chel Kim Application-level Traffic Identification using SET-based Flow in BcN ICACT2007 2007-02-12
30 Nam-Seok Ko, Sung-Back Hong, Hong-Shik Park Bandwidth Efficient Mobile IPv6 Extension Method ICACT2007 2007-02-12
31 Choi Hyung-woo, Lee Kyung-min, Park Hong-shik, Lee soon seok Enhanced End-to-End Delay Guarantee with ADRR Scheduler APCC 2006 2006-08-31
32 In-Yong Hwang, SeoungYoung Lee, Hong-Shik Park BcN Architecture based on optical burst switched networks COIN 2006 2006-07-09
33 YoungMin Kim, TaeHwa Kim, Jae-Hyung Bae, ByeongWhi Kim, Hong-Shik Park A Novel protection architecture for WDM-PON COIN 2006 2006-07-09
34 Dae-Hee Kang, Young-tae Han and Hong-Shik Park Identification of P2P Traffic SET-based in Broadband Convergence Network NGNCON 2006 2006-07-09
35 Tae-hwa Kim, Young-tae Han, Eun-jeong Lee and Hong-Shik Park Analysis of Delay Times for the Multimedia Streaming Services at the Broadband Convergence Network (BcN) NGNCON 2006 2006-07-09
36 End-to-end Delay Guarantee Scheme for BcN Environment End-to-end Delay Guarantee Scheme for BcN Environment NGNCON 2006 2006-07-09
37 Young-Tae Han, In-YongHwang, Young-Min Kim, Sang-Yong Ha, and Hong-Shik Park A new Application identification method using the hybrid mapping for Broadband Convergence Network (BcN) NGNCON 2006 2006-07-09
38 Misun Ryu, Hong-Shik Park QoS class interworking in NGN considering Application service ICIN 2006 2006-05-29
39 Misun Ryu, Hong-Shik Park, Sang-Chul Shin QoS Class Mapping over heterogeneous networks using Application service map ICN 2006 2006-04-23
40 SeoungYoung Lee,In-Yong Hwang,Hong-Shik Park A new paradigm of optical burst switching system for lossless transmission ICN 2006 2006-04-23
41 YoungMin Kim, TaeHwa Kim, JungJoo Yoo, ByeongWhi Kim, Hong-Shik Park Performance Comparisons of Restoration Techniques for Fault Management in OBS Networks ICACT 2006 2006-02-20
42 KyungMin Lee, Hong-Shik Park, SoonSeok Lee, JaeYoung Ahn A Framework for Absolute End-to-End Delay Guarantee Based on ADRR Scheduler ICACT 2006 2006-02-20
43 Batchuluun Burentugs, SeoungYoung Lee, Hong Shik Park "Enhanced Class-based Fair Queuing Scheme for Ethernet INC2005 2005-07-05
44 seoungYoungLee, In-Yong Hwang and Hong-Shik Park Performance Analysis of the Optical Burst Switching System with Completely Isolated Classes INC2005 2005-07-05
45 Kwang-Hyun Koo, Seoungyoung lee, Hong-Shik Park Prediction-based SQ-DRR scheme for QoS guaranteeing in E-PON system OECC2005 2005-07-04
46 "seoungYoungLee, In-Yong Hwang and Hong-Shik Park "Segmentation Scheme in Optical Burst Switching system with Completely Isolated Classes COIN2005 2005-05-29
47 "In-Yong Hwang, Kwang-Hyun Koo, SeoungYoung Lee, and Hong-Shik Park Impacts of Burst Control Packet Queueing in Optical Burst Switched Network COIN2005 2005-05-29
48 "Batchuluun Burentugs, SeoungYoung Lee, Hong Shik Park Class-based fair queuing scheme AcmsigcomAsia2005 2005-04-11
49 "seoungYoungLee, In-Yong Hwang and Hong-Shik Park The Influence of Burst Length in Optical Burst Switching System with Completely Isolated classes ICACT2005 2005-02-21
50 "In-Yong Hwang, JeongHee Ryu, and Hong-Shik Park Offset time compensation Algorithms for QoS provision in the optical Burst switching networks COIN2004 2004-07-12
51 Mi-Sun Ryu, Yu-Mi Kim and Hong-shik Park MTTF Analysis of protected PON architectures COIN2004 2004-07-12
52 Byeong Moon Song and Hong Shik Park An Advanced Hybrid Protection Algorithm in Optical Network INC 2004 2004-07-06
53 Myoung Hun Kim and Hong Shik Park Scheduler for delay constrained multimedia traffic  ICN 2004 2004-02-29
54 Myoung Hun Kim and Hong Shik Park Design and Performance of OBS Control Channe  ICN 2004 2004-02-29
55 Myoung Hun Kim and Hong Shik Park Short-term QoS Deflicit Round Robin:An Efficient Scheduling Scheme for Packet-Switching Networks ICOIN 2004 2004-02-18
56 Byeong Moon Song and Hong Shik Park A New Protection Scheme in WDM Networks ICACT 2004 2004-02-09
57 Myoung Hun Kim and Hong Shik Park A Control of Resource in Aggregate QoS Network with Delay Guarantee  NEW2AN 2004-02-02
58 "Dong-Yong Kwak and Nam-Seok Ko, Hong-Shik Park Mean Starting Potential Fair Queueing for High-Speed Network Globecom2003 2003-12-01
59 In-Yong Hwang and Hong-Shik Park Reliable Just-Enough-Time: A Novel Approach for contention Resolution in Optical Burst Switching Network COIN 2003 2003-07-13
60 Mi-Sun Ryu and Hong-Shik Park RPC (Restricted P-Cycle by Hamiltonian COIN 2003 2003-07-13
61 Byeong Moon Song and Hong Shik Park Shared Sub-Partial Path Protection in WDM network COIN 2003 2003-07-13
62 "Yu-mi Kim, Kwang-hyun Koo, Hong-Shik Park, Minho Kang A New OAM-Based Survivability Algorithm for Ethernet PON COIN 2003 2003-07-13
63 Jeong-Hee Ryou, In-Yong Hwang, Myung-Hoon Kim, Hong-Shik Park, Min-ho Kang Control Channel Scheduling Algorithm to Support QoS in Optical Burst Switching Network COIN 2003 2003-07-13
64 "Yu-mi Kim, Jung Yul Choi, Jeong-hee Ryou, Hyun-mi Baek, Ok-sun Lee, Hong-shik Park, Minho Kang Cost Effective Protection Architecture to Provide Diverse Protection Demands in Ethernet Passive Optical Networ ICCT '2003 2003-04-09
65 Jian-Qing Li, Hong-Shik Park Shared sub-path protection with overlapped protection areas in WDM networks OFC 2003 2003-03-23
66 In-Yong Hwang and Hong-Shik Park A QoS guranteeing mechanism for GMPLS controlled OBS network ICOIN '2003 2003-02-12
67 "Hyun-Su Lim, Hong-Shik Park A Rapid Recovery Scheme Considering Optical Burst Switchin COIN+PS '2002 2002-07-21
68 Jian-Qing Li, Hong-Shik Park, Hyeong-Ho Lee A New Single Link Basis Sub-Path Protection Scheme in WDM Network COIN+PS '2002 2002-07-21
69 Hyun-Wook Cha, and Hong-Shik Park A Proactive Scheme Supporting Adaptive Path for Ad-Hoc On-Demand Routing (AODV) ICWN '2002 2002-06-24
70 "Hyun-Su Lim, Hong-Shik Park Considerations for Burst-based Recovery in Optical Burst Switching Network ICT '2002 2002-06-23
71 "Jian-Qing Li, Hong-Shik Park, Hae-Kuen Kim, Kyoung-Seon Min The Maximum Degree of Sharing for Protection Path ICT '2002 2002-06-23
72 "Hyun-Wook Cha, and Hong-Shik Park Implementing Mobile IP on the Network processor ICACT '2002 2002-02-07
73 Ung-Jae Ahn and Hong-Shik Park Implementation of Priority-based Scheduling on the IXP1200 Platform for supporting Differentiated Servic ICACT '2002 2002-02-07
74 S. K. Yoo, and H. S. Park Efficient AAL2 Multiplexing and Scheduling Scheme for Mobile Voice and Data Service over ATM Network CIC '2001 2001-11-01
75 J. Li, and H. S. Park Hybrid protection scheme of WDM ring network OECC 2001 2001-07-01
76 I. Y. Hwang, and H. S. Park Performance enhancement of mobile IP using dynamic local registration scheme 3rd ICACT 2001-02-01
77 S. K. Yoo, and H. S. Park Quality-of-service provisioning for mobile voice and data service over ATM network using AAL2 3rd ICACT 2001-02-01
78 N. S. Ko, and H. S. Park Emulated weighted fair queueing algorithm for high-speed packet-switched networks 15th ICOIN 2001-01-01
79 N. S. Ko, and H. S. Park An efficient packet fair queueing algorithm for the high speed wired networks and its expansion to the wireless network 5th CIC 2000-11-01
80 B.H.Choi, and H.S.Park Rate proportional-SCFQ (RP-SCFQ) algorithm for high speed packet switched network 4th CIC 1999-09-01
81 N.S.Ko, and H.S.Park Hybrid self-healing mechanism with VP priority and dynamic bandwidth assignment policy in ATM network IEEE Tencon 99 1999-09-01
82 M.S.Yoon, and H.S. Park Dynamic allocation of VS/VD in ABR service using active networking technolog IEEE tencon 99 1999-09-01
83 D.Y.Kwark, and H.S. Park A surcicability mechanism in ATM network using APS and common control paths ITC-CSCC'99 1999-07-01
84 D.Y.Kwark, and H.S. Park A self-healing mechanism for ATM network ICOIN-13 1999-01-01
85 류미선, 김영민, 박홍식 Systematic QoS Class Mapping Framework over Multiple Heterogeneous Networks NEW2AN
Domestic Conference
List of Articles
No. Author
Academic Journal Date
1 배재형, 박홍식 GOP 정보 기반의 실시간 체감형 영상 품질 모델링 (Real-time perceptive video quality modeling based on GOP information) 2013년도 대한전자공학회 학술심포지움 2013-12-19
2 이상현, 이은정, 박홍식 유선 통신망에서 긴급수요 반응을 위한 에너지 절감 기법 2013년도 한국통신학회 추계종합학술발표회 2013-11-30
3 이은정, 김영민, 박홍식 ALBMesh: 802.11기반의 무선 메쉬 망을 위한 ACO 기반의 로드 발랭싱 라우팅 프로토콜 제안 2013 한국통신학회 추계종합학술발표회 2013-11-30
4 이은정, 김영민, 박홍식 그린 인터넷 망을 위한 집단 지성 기반의 에너지 절감형 라우팅 기술 2013년도 융합/스마트/클라우드 컴퓨팅 학술대회 2013-10-19
5 이상현, 이은정, 박홍식 EaaS based Peak Power Reduction Framework for On-demand Response in Communication Networks JCCI 2013 2013-05-01
6 안준섭, 박홍식, 박한솔 OpenFlow 기반의 SDN 응용 시나리오 연구 JCCI 2012 2012-04-26
7 이은정, 김영민, 박홍식 미래 그린 망을 위한 ACO(Ant Colony Optimization) 기반의 에너지 절감형 라우팅 기법 JCCI 2011 2011-04-01
8 이성영, 황인용, 박홍식 Offset Time Determination Scheme in Optical Burst Switching System with Completely Isolated Classes 제 12회 광전자 및 광통신 학술회의(COOC2005) 2005-05-11
9 박홍식 AAL2로 다중화된 음성 트래픽의 호수락 제어 제10회 통신 정보 합동 학술대회 2000-01-01
10 박홍식 라우팅 에이전트 개념을 이용한 이동 IP의 성능 개선 한국통신학회 추계종합학술발표회 논문집 2000-01-01
11 박홍식 동적 지역 등록 기법을 이용한 Mobile IP의 성능 향상 한국정보처리학회 논문지 2000-01-01

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